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Fractavist Landslide: Teachout/ Wu Win 30 Upstate Counties and 34% of Vote

by Chip Northrup on September 10, 2014

Fractavists send Cuomo a message Don’t frack with Upstate.

Here’s the map from the NYT.  It’s actually very telling – Cuomo won mostly the cities, plus western NY hence most of the votes.  But Teachout/Wu won all of the Hudson valley, the Adirondacks, Catskills and Finger Lakes by fractavist landslides  – and clearly won the hearts and minds of most of Upstate and Central and Finger Lakes NY.  If you go to the map on the NYT site and mouse over the Southern Tier, Central and Upstate counties that are blue you’ll see that Cuomo barely won in those regions –  very thin margins, especially when you count Credico’s progressive votes as well – in some instances Teachout + Credico were > 50%.  This map should send a very strong message that Upstate NY does not want fracking (or common core, or tax caps….)

30 counties –   Here they are:

• Putnam- 53.5% • Dutchess- 57.5% • Ulster- 70.0% • Sullivan- 67.6% • Delaware- 63.3% • Greene- 62.1% • Columbia- 77.9% • Rensselaer- 63.4% • Albany- 61.9% • Schoharie- 71.7% • Washington- 63.8% • Saratoga- 67.3% • Fulton- 54.3% • Montgomery- 54.5% • Otsego- 72.7% • Chenango- 49.9% • Madison- 46.8% • Cortland- 60.6% • Tompkins- 70.9% • Tioga- 49.7% • Schuyler- 60.7% • Yates- 61.5% • Ontario- 50.8% • Seneca- 56.3% • Wayne- 49.1% • Warren- 56.7% • Hamilton- 51.7% • Essex- 48.6% • Clinton- 49.4% • St Lawrence- 54.6%

Even  where Cuomo won in Upstate – it was by a very thin margin:

Broome County (Binghamton)  –  Cuomo 49.5%, Teachout 44.8%, Credico, 5.8 %
Chemung County (Elmira) – Cuomo 52.7%, Teachout 41.9%, Credico 5.4%
Steuben County (Corning) – Cuomo  51.2%, Teachout 41.6%, Credico 7.2%
Onondaga County (Syracuse) Cuomo 52.2%, Teachout 45.1%, Credico 2.7%
Cayuga Co –  Cuomo 49.1%, Teachout 47.6%, Credico 3.4%
Herkimer – Cuomo 48.5%, Teachout 44.7%, Credico 6.7%

teachout wu fracking

– The Teachout-Wu team made an impressive showing throughout New York State and most notably prevailed in counties with a strong anti-fracking grassroots presence. Cuomo’s implication today that upstate NY lacks anti-fracking activists is therefore NOT supported by the large turnout of UPSTATE voters who turned out in support of Teachout-Wu.
– Although there are a few differences between the two maps, those differences are mainly in counties where the race was close. An exception to this was Manhattan (New York County) which showed relatively strong support for Cuomo in the Governor’s race, but went decidedly to Wu for Lt. Governor.
– Teachout appears to have done a little better than Wu on a state-by-state basis, however Wu actually received more votes than she did overall. Also the Governor’s race had three candidates, which took some votes away from Teachout. (Counties shown in gray on the attached map received a plurality of votes for Cuomo, although their Teachout plus Credico votes exceeded those of Cuomo.)
A county-by-county breakdown with total votes and percentages for both primaries can be found here:

An unexpectedly strong primary challenge from the left is forcing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reckon with public opposition to fracking.

Zephyr Teachout won over 34% of the Democratic primary vote, or 182,000 of the 330,000 votes cast in the New York gubernatorial primary. Teachout is a Fordham Law School professor and author of the new book Corruption in America: From Benjamin Franklin’s Snuffbox to Citizens United. Teachout ran on an anti-corruption, pro-democracy platform that also included a strong stand on fracking. Her running mate, Tim Wu, a professor at Columbia Law School, won a full 40%. The low-budget grassroots challenge to a well-financed incumbent was only expected to win around 20% of the vote.

Teachout gained the support of half of New York’s counties, doing especially well in rural counties. Alex Beauchamp, Northeast Region Director for Food & Water Watch and New Yorkers Against Fracking (NYAF), called the result “a stunning showing” underscoring the importance of fracking in these outstate areas.

Concerns about public health and air and water contamination have driven many New York residents to call for a complete fracking ban. New York has implemented a temporary moratorium on fracking while environmental and health studies are completed. At least three bills have been considered in the legislature to make the moratorium permanent, but they have failed. Fracking activists worry that after the 2014 election the Cuomo administration will again be issuing permits for fracking.

In the meantime, dozens of towns across New York have considered banning fracking through zoning ordinances, a move the New York Supreme Court ruled legal in late July. Bans have passed in some 79 municipalities in New York state, concentrated in upstate counties like Otsego and Tompkins, both of which gave over 70% of their vote to Teachout.

Under increasing pressure on the issue, Cuomo offered some concessions to anti-fracking activists from NYAF when they showed up at the governor’s polling place on election day. Cuomo agreed to visit fracking sites around the state and promised the activists, “I will protect the health of New Yorkers.”

“Our hope is that he responds not only to New Yorkers’ disapproval of fracking, but that he also respects the overwhelming body of science that says fracking is inherently dangerous and cannot be done safely,” said Eric Weltman, Senior Organizer for Food & Water Watch in New York.

As results were being tabulated, Cuomo campaign staffer Matt Wing tweeted that one of the “big takeaways” was “anti-fracking.”

Teachout and Wu embraced a wealth of progressive idead in their insurgent grassroots campaign, including taking stands against “too big to fail” banks, school privatization, big money in politics and advocating for a path to state citizenship for undocumented immigrants. The message resonated with voters tired of politics as usual in Albany, and the corruption scandal that rocked the Cuomo administration shortly before the election. According to news reports, Cuomo was found to have meddled with his own anti-corruption commission, steering them away from groups tied to his administration, before eventually disbanding them.

While Teachout and Wu ran their campaign on a shoestring budget, Cuomo spent liberally from his $40 million campaign war chest fighting them off. “There was a team of five of us that was fighting a multi-million dollar machine, and I think we gave a pretty damn good show,” Wu said of his campaign for Lt. Governor.

They won endorsements from the Public Employees Federation, the Sierra Club, the National Organization for Women, Progressives United, ACT NOW, and a rare candidate endorsement from The Nation magazine. While The New York Times declined to endorse a candidate for governor, a victory in itself for Teachout, itsupported Wu for lieutenant governor. After her concession speech, Teachout old the press she often felt like an “invisible woman” running against Cuomo in part because he steadfastly refused to debate her; any debate would have pumped her numbers and name recognition substantially.

Teachout’s strong showing is no guarantee that Cuomo will permanently block fracking in New York, but it has given a boost to the anti-fracking movement.

“I don’t know if I expect a reaction [from Cuomo], but there should be,” said Weltman. “From the perspective of Food and Water Watch, we’re going to continue to maintain pressure on him.”

Teachout wins Chenango County in  Dem primary; 100% reporting. Scroll down for county by county results.  #election2014 — 

There are Dems in Chenango, and they actually got out and voted!  Not a huge victory, but in these elections, Huge doesnt matter.  Of course Otsego and Delaware counties sent a very clear message to Cuomo. 

Chenango County

Z. Teachout    


311     A. Cuomo (i)    44.1%   275      

Otsego County

Z. Teachout    


1,372   A. Cuomo (i)    25.5%   480    

Delaware County Z. Teachout     63.3%   563     A. Cuomo (i)    33.4%   297    

The 5 Drilling Sacrifice Zones winners:

        County          Winner

·       Chemung Cuomo

·       Broome  -Cuomo

·       Tioga           Teachout

·       Chenango        Teachout              

·       Steuben Cuomo

Goes to show more advocacy needs to happen in these counties about drilling.  Moreneeds to be done to rally support from Democrats.

All in all Teachout and the NY Voters sent a very clear Message to Andrew Cuomo.  Teachout and Wu didnt do bad at all. It bodes well for the upcoming years hes in office.  We arentgoing to tolerate his nonsense, and with Teachout paying close attention, we will have more support forcing him to respond to his constituents now. ** Remember: The Federal Investigation for Cuomo is still not completed.   Teachout called Cuomo to task... very much needed. 

This article alone, shows we have, through Teachouts candidacy and response from citizens, forced him to acknowledge

our concerns about drilling: 

        “Will you visit fracking sites in Pennsylvania?” yelled Eric Weltman of Food & Water Watch.

“Yes, I will!” the gov replied, making his way in to vote. 

teachout- brooklyn

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