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Natural Gas Fumes? Put a Windsock on It

by Dory Hippauf on January 18, 2013


Do you live in a gas field?  How about next to a compressor station?  Glycol Dehydration Plant?  Or any other natural gas infrastructure installation?

Did you consider the Gas may be blowing in the wind?  Fumes coming from a Natural Gas drill site, or compressor station or other natural gas installations may be wafting across your lawn, drifting into your home, and you are sucking all of that into your lungs.

Keep in mind – AIR can’t read maps.  Air doesn’t suddenly stop at your property line and say “OOPS, can’t go there”.   Air also can’t read “No Trespassing” signs.

You may think you are a safe distance from one of these Natural Gas industrial sites, but are you at a safe enough distance?  How are you feeling?  Headaches?  Dizzy?  Nausea?  Nosebleeds?     Maybe you don’t have this all the time?  Just occasionally?

easter windsock

Well, which way was the wind blowing? Don’t know?  Put a Windsock on it.   Windsocks are a very inexpensive way to let you know if the fumes from a Natural Gas site are blowing your way.   Prices range from $10 on up and comes in a basic bright orange color to ones styled to match the season.  Easter is coming soon and there are Easter Bunny Windsocks!

­­I can hear you – “Oh, come on, isn’t this a bit extreme???”

Ummmm… not really when you consider the drillers have windsocks on site.   Or they will fly the US flag or a Corporate flag (and you thought they were just being patriotic), to indicate wind direction.

From Arkansas: Hydrogen Sulfide gas is an “extraordinarily poisonous gas” according to Slumberger Oilfield Glossary.  A whiff of this stuff hs2 windsockcan kill you.  Southwestern Energy drilled a gas well on Round Springs Road across from Loyd Anderson’s new home in Bee Branch, and they installed a wind sock and a sign that reads H2S gas Danger.  The next week a caution sign and second wind sock were added.

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas is just one of many things floating in an air and wafting to your lungs from natural gas activities.


Here are a few photos from a site in Pinedale Wyomingwindsock pinedale1

NOTE: “…to stay UPWIND in case of an emergency….”.  Are you downwind or upwind? 

windsock pinedale2

windsock pinedale3 flags

Notice the flags fluttering in the upper left of the photo?  They aren’t there just to show  patriotism or corporate pride, the flags also show wind direction.

If the natural corporations are taking these types of steps to prevent their workers from breathing in harmful fumes – shouldn’t you consider doing the same?


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©2013 by Dory Hippauf 

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Kim Feil January 18, 2013 at 12:04 pm

remembering on youtube “RIP Dustin Bergsing” who died from the wind of flowback last year.


Chip Northrup January 18, 2013 at 12:42 pm

who would have thunk it ?


Hilary Cook January 21, 2013 at 10:22 am

Crazy – you are all crazy. I live with a well right next to me and there are absolutely no problems whatsoever. You should research the facts and stop spreading lies. The homes in Franklin Forks have had vents on their wells for years prior to any gas drilling due to surface methane gas NATURALLY occurring in the area. Check out the articles from 1858 at Salt Springs State Park. The Manning family does not even own that property that they supposedly are being poisoned in – they rent – if they were so afraid for their children and themselves why do they smoke on their front porch! Why does he fish in the stream in his back yard? Why don’t they MOVE to protect their children? Crazy- all of you!


Scott Cannon June 21, 2013 at 6:52 pm

You seem to be the one off kilter here , Hilary. What is the name of the well and what company runs it? We’ll look up info on it and tell you if there has been any problems with it.


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