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Promised Land unBourne

by Chip Northrup on December 23, 2012

Promised Land has been screened to a friendly audience of fractavists, some of whom were apparently disappointed that Mr. Damon did not undergo a transformation on the road to Damascus  “turn Bourne” and take out a few of his former fellow frackers with some anti-fracking polemics, if not a sniper rifle.  Sort of like Josh Fox with an AK-47 instead of a banjo. Apparently no such luck.

As I pointed out in my earlier blogs on this, being a landman is not an uncommon way to get started in the oil and gas business. J. Paul Getty started out as one in Oklahoma – working for his mom. Aubrey McClendon was a landman. One of my relatives and several of my friends were/are.

The problem is that, being a landman is where the fracking chicanery starts.  So making a movie about a landman should be enough to give the gas industry fits.  Because the Gas Blonde ads on TV and the shale charlatans pave the way for the landmen, who in turn, pave the way for the surveyors, the seismic crews. etc. So, by simply focusing on how landmen operate should be sufficient to get the message across to a general audience steeped in Gas Blonde fairy tales: Warning: It’s Not Just the Shale That Gets Fracked.

The movie was made for the general public.  Not for anti-frackers that yell fiery polemics at fracking shills in public. Check out Promised Land

But don’t expect it to keep your town from getting fracked.

That’s up to you, not Jason Bourne . . .


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