No Fracking Way

Frackin’ Andy’s Pond

by Chip Northrup on December 17, 2012

Under the proposed New York State fracking regulations, ponds are not protected areas nor is there any setback of a shale gas well from them. So, unless the pond is in a floodplain, you can drill right in it or right next to it polluting the water big time.  This would, of course, include a pond in any town that does not have a land use ordinance to address shale gas industrialization, such as say a town like Mount Kisco. . . 

Imagine you had a house that overlooked such a pond, a house decorated by a Martha Stewart wannabe (with a Jim Morrison poster ?). Then some fracking gasholes from Oklahoma come and frack a well right in the pond. That might tend to play hell with your house value, might’n it ?  You might even want to complain to the Governor about it, wouldn’t you ?

Photomontage by Mark Ohe  Idea by Jill Weiner.

Comments on the artistic license. Mark used the only photo we had of the Governor’s house. The setback of a shale gas well from a house is 500 feet from the “well pad” (560.2 and 4) meaning where the well is drilled, so technically, the drill rig should be shown 500 + feet from the Governor’s door. The “well site” is everything else, the storage area, mud pits, etc. for which there are no setbacks – they could go right up next to the house – as shown. Likewise, the pond could disappear or the drill rig put on a barge in the middle of the pond. I owned such a drilling barge in Louisiana, and it would have looked great on this pond, but we went with the image of the rig and pit instead.

To comply with the 500 foot setback from a house under 560.4, the well pad would look something more like this. How does that grab ya Andy ?


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Joe Tex on Facebook December 17, 2012 at 3:22 pm

before he fracks you


Derick December 17, 2012 at 7:24 pm

But of course, there is no shale to frack in upscale Mt. Kisco. If there was, there would be a lot more pressure to stop fracking, and a maybe some hesitation from the gov. He’s not so concerned about hard scrabble Sullivan County. $$$$$$$$ rules.


Mark Ohe December 17, 2012 at 7:58 pm

“No shale to frack in Mt. Kisco?”
This is a “Wildcat” well, in every sense of the word. Sure the Guv’s a gambler, but if there’s shale-gas to be found in Mt. Kisco he’ll be the one to find it. Don’t doubt the man, he’s always ahead of the curve! Look how far he’s come in his few short years. This man can smell money.


Chip Northrup December 17, 2012 at 8:03 pm

Govs gonna cash in on frackin one way or ‘nuther. But frankly, what I honestly don’t get is the Jim Morrison poster . . .


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