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PA now allows dumping Fracking Fluids onto Roads and Fields. NY wants to follow

by William Huston on December 10, 2012

SHOCKING PHOTOS apparently of PA drilling fluids spread on roads @ Warren Center, PA.

BAD NEWS for Warren Center, also for NY residents @ Nichols/Waverly who live downstream.

BIGGER SHOCK! New NY regs allows this as a “beneficial use”!!
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Governor Andrew Cuomo!
Get those comments in to the DEC by Jan 11!!

Pennsylvania just changed their rules to allow the spreading of fracking flowback and production fluids on roads as a “benefical use”.

This is apparently already happening.

These photos were taken by Pat Klotz in Warren Center, PA in mid November 2012:
(Just over the border from Apalachin NY)

This area drains North into New York. This is part of the Upper Susquehanna, Wappasening Creek Watershed which drains downstream into Nichols, Waverly.

This biggest shocker is that while dumping fracking flowback on the
ground is prohibited under the new NY regs, it is allowed if there is a BUD:
Beneficial Use Determination.

750-3.12 Disposal of HVHF wastewater

(a) All HVHF wastewater must be treated, recycled, or otherwise properly disposed through the life of the well in accordance with all applicable federal and state laws.
(b) The discharge of flowback to the ground is prohibited. The discharge of drilling fluids, formation fluids and production brine to the ground is prohibited, EXCEPT IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF A B.U.D. (Beneficial Use Determination).

We will have ONLY 30 days to comment December 12, 2012 through 5:00 PM on January 11, 2013. For more details, SEE:

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