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Promised Land

by Chip Northrup on November 24, 2012

Matt Damon’s new movie, Promised Land premiers in NYC and LA on December 28th. It will have a preview and video chat this Tuesday evening. Video here :

My preview pre-review here =

Should be interesting, since the landmen are the first most people meet in the fracking game, and then it goes sideways/ downhill from there for most - you that is, not the landmenIf there is any doubt about what a lying bunch of fracking thieves the shale gamers are, the landmen are a good place to start: Fracking Gasholes 101. The landmen screw you. Then you get fracked. Sound like something you want in your town ?

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Join Matt Damon and Gus Van Sant this coming Tuesday, November 27 at 7:15pm as they discuss their upcoming feature film, “Promised Land”, filmed in Pennsylvania and deals with gas drilling, land use and hydraulic fracking. It’s free.

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