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Energy-in-Depth (EID) “GAS”roots – 2

by Dory Hippauf on August 21, 2012

Birth of Energy-in-Depth
 June 5, 2009: A letter was sent by Barry Russell, President and CEO of the Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) to members with the “birth announcement” of Energy-in-Depth.

Kudos to Desmogblog for locating the announcement. Click here to see full copy.

Birth announcments are useless without pics!









EID and IPAA share the same contact addresses:

EID-IPAA contact information
Same address, different telephone numbers.








In the diagram below we see the funding sources.   Not what you would typically consider SMALL corporations.     Note that the list of members are mostly more gas/oil industry trade groups and organizations.

In addition the Washington, DC office,EID has two satellite branches:  EID-Northeast Marcellus Initiative which covers Pennsylvania and New York area, and EID- The Ohio Project which focuses on drilling in the Marcellus and Utica shale formations.    Although no official “offices”, EID has increased its staff to cover other shale formations.

These new staffers are:

Courtney Loper
Title: Field Director, Mountain States
Home Formation: Denver-Julesberg Basin

Erik Bauss
Title: Field Director, Michigan
Home Formation: Niagaran Reef

Dave Quast
Title: Field Director, California
Home Formation: Miocene Monterey
David Quast is also the Senior Vice President in the FTI Strategic Communications practice and is based in Los Angeles.

EID and the Nanny:
Public outreach campaigns need someone to watch it, care for it and manage the message.   Call that “someone” a Nanny.    EID’s Nanny is FTI Consulting.

EID’s Nanny went through a few changes, so bear with me.  The original EID Nanny was Dittus Communications.   Dittus Communications was acquired by FD Americas and renamed FD Dittus Communications.

The original founder and CEO of Dittus Communications is Gloria Dittus, and became CEO and President of FD Dittus-Strategic Communications.   She left FD Dittus-Strategic Communications and founded Story Partners.  Per Story Partners website: a public affairs firm focused on helping trade associations, corporations and coalitions amplify their story through carefully aligned online and offline campaigns designed to drive public policy debates.

The registrant information for the EID website is listed as FD Dittus Communications.   (FD in Dittus Communications stands for Financial Dynamics.)


EID Domain – Registrant Organization: FD DITTUS COMMUNICATIONS

 FD Dittus Communications became FD Americas Public Affairs, and later FD Americas was rebranded as FTI Consulting.

 FD Americas: A unit of UK-based strategic and financial communications consultancy FD, FD Americas Public Affairs (formerly Dittus Communications) offers public relations, marketing communications, and issue advocacy services. The firm provides the usual corporate services (media relations, corporate communications, and crisis management) plus public affairs services (issues management, legislative strategy, grassroots organizing and coalition building) as well as marketing, creative, and design services. Clients have included Kraft Foods, Dell, the US Department of Energy, and International Paper. The firm was founded in 1993.

 FTI Consulting: global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value, today announced that Financial Dynamics (FD), the Strategic Communications practice of FTI Consulting, has adopted the FTI Consulting brand globally. FD now will be known as the Strategic Communications practice of FTI Consulting.

EID and FTI Consulting

EID, IPAA and FTI Consulting

A few words about IPAA before we continue.

Per Sourcewatch: The Independent Petroleum Association of America (IPAA) “has represented independent oil and natural gas producers for three-quarters of a century. On June 10, 1929, President Herbert Hoover called a national and state conference to discuss and formulate a practical program for the conservation of America’s natural petroleum resources. At that historic meeting at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, Colorado, oil operators, royalty owners, and land owners alike formed a new national association, the IPAA.” 

IPAA is one of the largest energy contributors to both Republican and Democratic candidates for Congress. These contributions total $336,500 to the 110th US Congress (as of the third quarter), the largest of which has been to Rep. John Sununu(R-NH) for $10,000. Rep. Sununu, for his part, has consistently voted with the oil industry on energy, war and climate bills.

Lobbying expenditures by IPAA jumped in 2008, per   And another big increase in 2009, this was the year EID was born.

IPAA Lobbying Expenditures 1998-2012
Note: 2012 shows partial year. Amount is likely to increase during the campaign season

 The IPAA-EID Family

Lee Fuller is the Executive Director of EID, he is also the Vice President of Government Relations for the Independent Petroleum Association of America.  According to Open Secrets, the top industry represented by Mr. Fuller was Oil & Gas and formerly employed by Van Scoyoc Associates as a lobbyist.

 Van Scoyoc Associates describes itself as:

Van Scoyoc Associates Inc. is a full-service Federal Government affairs firm and the foremost independent lobbying company in Washington, D.C. We focus on achieving results for our clients without the distractions that might come from being a subsidiary of a law firm or parent corporation.

 Jeffery “Jeff” Eschelman is listed as Executive Vice President at EID.  In addition to his position at EID he is the Vice President of Public Affairs & Communication at the Independent Petroleum Association of America and former employee of Dittus Communications.

Julia Bell: Researcher at EID, and Public Affairs & Communications Coordinator for the Independent Petroleum Association of America.


Chris Tucker: EID Team Lead, Spokesperson, and Advisor for – you guessed it – the Independent Petroleum Association of America.  Mr. Tucker is more closely associated with the EID-Marcellus Initiative branch as Team Leader and Blogger.

For a brief side trip – let’s look at a couple of Peterson and Blunt’s campaign donors :

Rep. Peterson’s Campaign Donors for the 2006 campaign:

Rep Roy Blunt R-MO:

2008 Senate Campaign:

  • $23,300: Chevron $128,250:
  • Oil & Gas, 3rd highest industry sector contributor

2010 Senate Campaign:

  • $32,173: Murray Energy
  • $29,200: Koch Industries
  • $28,800: Exxon Mobil
  • $342,050: Oil & Gas Sector totals

Chris Tucker is also listed as the registrant for EID Ohio’s website, on behalf of FD Dittus Communications.

EID Ohio Domain Registrant Organization: FD DITTUS COMMUNICATIONS

Dana Bohan: EID Staff Geologist, and Junior Associate – Strategic Communications – Energy Sector: FTI Consulting

EID Staffer playing “I SPY”. Nice sunglasses, but should wear big floppy hat for a more effective disguise.

EID plays “I SPY”
On Saturday, July 28, 2012 a Stop the Frack rally and march was held in Washington D.C.   EID staffers and other Natural Gas Industry people were also at the event.   At least one EID staffer was wandering in the crowd and talking to people.

We believe it to be Dana Bohan in the photo below.  She told people she was concerned about energy issues, and conducted interviews for a “new blog”.
Energy-in-Depth (EID) “GAS”roots will continue with Part 3 tomorrow: Untangling EID 

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Debbie August 21, 2012 at 9:49 am

Oh, what a wicked web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.


Dory Hippauf August 21, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Not a web, lots of dots which only make sense when connected. :)


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